Vishva Exim Pvt Ltd. - Leading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Plastic Bag Making Machines

Vishva Exim was started by Mr. Udaoy Shah a thriving entrepreneur with rich experience of 25 years in the plastic industry and wide range of plastic bag making machines in India. Vishva Exim was started in 2006.

In 14 years, Vishva Exim has reached great heights in the plastic machinery manufacturers industry. We have exported our various plastic carry bag making machines to over 42 countries with over 1000+ installations.

We have a wide product range of Side weld machines & Bottom seal machines in the form of Multi-purpose side seal machines, zipper bag making machines, diaper bag making machines, shopping bag making machines, biodegradable bag making machines, etc. We also offer different categories of pouch and bag on roll machines such as three side seal pouch making machine, Bopp pouch making machine, Stand Up pouch bag making machine, etc.


VISHVAEXIM IS COMMITTED to providing world-class and environment-friendly products through continuous improvement driven by creativity, integrity, and teamwork.


Our mission is to build a long-term and sincere relationship with our customers by providing them VERSATILE MACHINES at a competitive price.


We at Vishva Exim are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction as our prime goal.

Vishva Exim is committed to providing quality products with necessary environmental and safety standards. We also pride in our timely delivery and customer service.

Vishva Exim is committed to involving all its employees through quality management system as per is in order to have continual improvement in the performance of our organization with a focus on excellence.

We will regularly review that these principles are put into practice.


Vishva Exim is led by Mr. Udaoy Shah having more than 25 years of rich experience of operating globally and has catered to the requirements of various customers. He is backed by a team of equally able and experienced engineers to fulfill the vision of the company.

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