The sturdy Zip Lock Extruder is designed to produce the Zip Lock Bag Film. It comes with automatic control, die head of film blowing and drawing film to bring you a reasonable design and stable performance.

Salient Features of This Zip Lock Bag Maker 

  • Zip Lock Extruder has a film blowing machine that is designed to extrude plastic film and zipper tape through a die at the same time.
  • It is tailored to mainly produce pre-applied zipper films for the grip seal bag use that can go with all bag styles and zipper types.
  • The inbuilt film blowing machine has added units like vane cooling and heat dissipation device.
  • It is equipped with frequency control and automatic inflation modulation.

Technical Details

  • Width : 80 – 400mm
  • Output : 5 – 15 kg/hr
  • Thickness of the film : 0.03 – 0.22mm
  • Screw dia : 50mm
  • Screw ratio : 30 : 1
  • Material : LDPE


String zip lock bag making machine, the VELOSS model, a fully automated upgraded system to make Zip Lock Bags on a Side Seal Machine. The machine is equipped to attach and seal the String zip on the ag making machine itself.

Salient Features:

  • The automatic zip locker bag maker comes with an inbuilt ultrasonic sealing to press the sides of the string zip.
  • It comes with a tension control system on unwind stand (mechanical/particle brake).
  • The robust design keeps the machine sturdy on high speeds and with minimum wear and tear.
  • The touch screen interface enables effective operations of the machine.
  • The automated handle punch, auto stacker, punch bank and sheet folding are the attachments that can easily be added on the Zip Lock Bag Maker.

Technical Details

  • Width : 40 – 350mm
  • Length : 450mm
  • Speed : 40 – 80 strokes / min
  • Zip film thickness : 0.05 – 0.38mm
  • Zip film material : LDPE

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