Vishva Exim proudly introduces its multi functioning high-speed stand-up pouch making machine VELOSS 500 STP. The machine is designed with many features to fulfil latest trends in the market with high productivity. The machine is a mechanically cum electronically operates, so sealer and cutting stations operate by mechanical cracking, which reduces maintenance and operation cost.

Multi servo stand up pouch machine can make wide range of
pouches including stand up pouch, 3 side seal pouches, stand up pouch with zipper, third film insert. Machine design to run varieties of subtracts like laminates of pet/pe, met/pet/pe, pp/pe/pa.

Application of pouches

Ø Meat packing

Ø Vacuum pouches are used for meat and fish

Ø Food, detergent & snack packing

Ø Rice packing

Ø Oil /grease packing

Benefits of VELOSS 500 STP

1. High speed machine – 150 strokes/min

2. Mechanical cracking design.

3. Multiple servos for high accuracy at high

4. Machine can run different type of pouches like, 3 side seal pouches, pouches with bottom gusset, stand up pouches, pouches with and without zip lock.

5. It can run many kinds of subtracts included barrier/nylon film

6. With barrier/nylon film pouches one can increase the shelf life of the material packed inside

7. These pouches are widely used for food grade material, detergents, rice, oil & grease, meat etc.

8. One can make pouches with third film inserted in the bottom gusset on the machine. This is a use attachment for branding

9. Stand up pouch can get more space for fill up products compare to normal three side seal & centre seal pouch.

10. Stand up zipper pouch can be reusable for snack and nuts packaging, can open zip and take snack and close zip of pouch.


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