Today when nations are going towards environmental friendly ecosystem there’s no need to ban plastic when you can recycle it.

Biodegradable also holds place when it comes to produce best out of waste in concern of plastic bags. But there are various drawbacks which prove that recycling is far better option than the biodegradable plastic bags. When biodegradable plastic decomposes, they produce methane gas in landfills which adds in the problem of global warming.

If we compare recycling with biodegradable then Biodegradable is not a sustainable solution as it has less durability. And the best part about recycling is that it will be similar to virgin material of plastic. On this thought process, people in Europe are shifting towards recycling thing. Below, there’s this simple
process about recycling.


Our machines recycling lines are highly advance with a range from 60 kg/hr. for the small scale sector up to 200 kg/hr. for a medium scale sector.

Ø  With newly designed screw and barrels for better melting and mixing and higher output at low energy cost

Ø  Operator friendly machine

Ø  Recycling resins as good as virgin material

Ø  With both options – spegetti type or die face cutter

Ø  Can run materials like – pp , ldpe , hdpe ( factory waste )

Ø  Special designed compact model which can fit in a l 23ft x w 17ft x h 7ft

By recycling plastic waste of bags and films we can conserve highly valuable resources and reuse the waste and also earn from it.


When we recycle our waste and reuse the same we help the environment and our world’s natural habitat to live and let our planet revive from the burdens of human wastes.


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