Zipper Side Seal Machine

This Zipper Side Seal Machine/ Zipper Side Weld Machine is made with a focus on engineering ingenuity, high quality production standards and international standard components to consistently achieve production at high speeds.

The bag making machine is equipped with a special unit for zip insertion to convert film of various materials into side seal/ side weld bags with Zipper. This machine is highly versatile and can be equipped with add on attachments.

Along with the Zipper Bags, the machine also comes with a provision to run normal side seal bags with zipper, these may include: shopping bags, bags with open lip, bags with bottom gusset, printed bags and more.

Technical Details
Model VELOS 810SZL
Bag Length (mm) 200 - 750
Bag Width (mm) 75 - 600
Speed (cycles/min) 150
Thickness (microns) 40 - 80
Connected Load Basic M/C (Kw) 13
Air Supply ( Ltr/Min) 600